It’s the eternal conundrum of well-meaning banana buyers: what the buggery do you do with ones that are a bit to ripe to actually enjoy? And I think we all know that quite often the answer is bin-related.

Guilt assuaged this morning, however, in the form of muffins. And no, I don’t feel replacement guilt about the sugar and stuff. Screw it, it’s the weekend.

These Banana and Peanut Butter beauties were dreamed up in bed this morning (I cook a lot of things mentally first) with my clearly disaffected, unaspirational bananas in mind.

It was a no-recipe job, I’m afraid. But tell me if you want to make them and a recipe will be yours.

The key though, is to do it to taste (bearing in mind that it will taste very banana-y until the oven mellows it). I like sweet and salty so for me the combo of babyfood-smooth ripe bananas and salty, crunchy peanut butter is a winner.

I experimented with echoing the sweet-salty theme on the glaze too: Golden icing sugar (I am a 100% convert – it’s more nutty and butterscotchy than the toothachey white stuff) made up runny-ish with boiling water, with a spoon of crunchy PB and a pinch more salt to taste. Drizzle over while the muffins are still hot.